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Strategies and goals

Have you planned your financial independence? How do you feel about it?

In its absence, you leave any dependent (children, spouse, partners …) financially helpless?

Do you believe it is prudent to format a capital, diversifying into hard currency, for added security?

If you could save each year a flexible and comfortable amount to secure your future and your family, just living a little below 100%, would you?

In an analysis of how many years will be needed to achieve the investment goal above, various fees that have the following results:

In the above example, the heel of investment applications of 8% to 15% (almost double) reduces only five (one quarter) of the accumulation period. It can be concluded that there is a point of diminishing returns where the investment risk is greater than the time saved to achieve the goal.

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FS-Advisors has expertise in analyzing the products and services of the world’s most solid financial groups, standing out for excellence in customer service, striving for security, confidence and agility.

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